Thursday, 1 October 2009


This month I formed a band.

Right now it consists of vocals from Bish (formerly of Annihilist), guitars from Adam (of A Call To Arms) and drums provided by Bud (formerly of Collapse the Control).

We’re still looking for a bassist, so if you could keep your eye out for one that’d be grand. I’m sure there might be a few on the streets playing some Oasis that might be interested or something.

We’re up in arms about style, although we’ve been covering a few tunes by the Misfits, Black Flag and Billy Idol, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up sounding like that. We started writing this month, so we’ll wait and see.

We also don’t have a name.We’re currently codenamed Hard as Nails, but that just makes me think of Jeremy Beadle. We’ll think of something better.

Here’s hopin’
- Bish

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